Fraud Investigation
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Fraud Investigation

Whether investigating employee embezzlement, procurement fraud, corruption or general accounting irregularities, our fraud and financial investigations team provide a robust investigative approach to assist clients in establishing the facts, finding out what is gone wrong and making assessment on the weaknesses on the internal control and processes.

Our services include fraud and financial misstatement investigations, asset tracing, and gathering evidence for use in potential disciplinary proceedings, criminal or civil actions.

We aim to respond to allegations or concerns raised with our clients in order to stem existing losses, establish what has taken place, and put our client in the best possible position for future action. We can work with you to plan the most effective investigation and help you decide whether your concerns can be substantiated.

Our team of forensic accountants aims to ensure confidentiality, compliance with legal and ethical guidelines and assist you in managing reputation risk. Here we review internal reporting lines, approval processes, data and information flows, both paper based and accounting or management information systems, in order to find weaknesses and areas for improvement in efficiency. The service is focused on reducing internal risks and eradicating duplications. Our internal audit services zoom in on areas of management concern, not just looking at the financials in these areas but substance behind them.