Merge & Acquisition Integration (M&A)
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Merge & Acquisition Integration (M&A)

We can assist clients with the integration of mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures, in terms of maximizing synergies and stabilizing the combined culture. A high percentage of ventures fail to gain the value that was originally projected or the culture required for it to be successful.

Our integration process reviews all aspects of the business, financial and non-financial, optimizes the touch points and finds value through synergies. We review the strengths and weaknesses of each company and the opportunities and threats associated and advice on how these can be nurtured and quelled, respectively.   

By conducting this thorough organisation-wide business evaluation and integration reviews, We are able to gain a full understanding of what is required to bring entities together and achieve optimal synergies. From identifying potential cost savings and process integration opportunities, to formulating a corporate culture where staff is encouraged to embrace change, we provide a top-down assessment of key touch points.

Whilst many mergers and acquisitions are dragged on by in-fighting and self-interested parties, We can offer unbiased advice on how best to drive through corporate change and complete the integration process.